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people with autism are unemployed globally

(Palumbo, 2021)

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Change starts here. 

Whether or not you have hiring power, getting involved and becoming a part of this movement is simple. 

If you are an employer, you are just four steps away from providing employment for individuals with autism or any other persons with disabilities (PWDs). Check out our inclusive hiring playbook below!

If you are an employee, you can follow our list of tips to help you better understand and communicate with any of your colleagues with autism.

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Why hire inclusively?

It creates

purpose-driven employees

Fosters an innovative learning culture

Supplement talent shortages

Encourages  digitally-enabled processes

Encourages  customer centric thinking

Autism & Me

Learn more about the stories and lived experiences

of individuals with autism in the workforce.


“Hiring us is not a “charity” act, or just Corporate Social Responsibility, it is a legitimate business decision that can be right for you - financially, morally, and socially.”

Jesselin Ong

Tech Consultant

Jan Wai Yeoh

Data Analyst

“Don’t prejudge or assume. Seek to understand.”


Wesley Loh

Tax Consultant

“It all starts with a paradigm shift. If you don't bring in autistics to your team and make your workplace autism-friendly, you are missing out!”

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Every pledge makes a difference.

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